Watch, Cook and Taste. Turn Your Home Cooked Meals into an “Unforketable” Experience

Unforketable is a video recipe encyclopedia, developed by Niko Romito & Pasta Garofalo that shows how to make traditional Italian dishes at home.

Unforketable is the first video cookery encyclopedia that promotes authentic Italian traditional cuisine in a completely innovative way.

Unforketable has put tradition on the table and updated it to teach everyone the best Italian dishes in  the easiest way, following a few basic rules: value the ingredients by making them the leading players and bring out the flavor to emphasise the taste. Keep the fat down and balance the seasoning to achieve tasty and yet remarkably light dishes.

This project features the exclusive special contribution of one of the most important Italian chefs in the business: Niko Romito. The video-recipe series was conceived by  Niko and executed under his supervision.

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