Electronic music organically produced: The Sound Brewery Project

The Sound Brewery is a conceptual machine for generating music from the ingredients used to produce Nastro Azzurro beer. Water, Hops, Barley and Corn were manipulated in a unique method to create an audio looping system based on organic input.

The Nastro Azzurro Beer brand takes further emerging Italian talents involving a crew of young music producers in a visionary project that explores new ways to produce electronic music from natural produces. The project wants to prove that from a collaboration between talented people always comes out something extraordinary.

The solid ingredients were placed on a specially designed Chladni-style plate that was developed for the machine, namely a circle in favour of the common square design. The corn, hops and barleys contour and arrangement generated the drum track and synth lines as they interacted with the laser and DJ.
Water was poured onto flat pressed vinyl palettes, creating a liquid record. Audio frequencies were fed into the rotating liquid records to generate a unique visual and audio effect from the surface of the liquid.

The project has been created to launch the new Nastro Azzurro digital platform that offers to their users the chance to release their potential by submitting their ideas choosing between different application areas, such as sustainability, music, media, photography, fashion, food and lots more.

Media: social, enhanced, cultural, advertised