My Jeep Story. UGC Activation

xister gave all Jeep fans the chance to celebrate the Jeep brand 75th anniversary by taking a leading role and sharing their memories with the brand in line with the concept 'WE DON'T MAKE JEEP. YOU DO'.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary, xister has extended the US Super Bowl Jeep® campaign “We Don't Make Jeep, You Do” via a User Generated Content activation for 5 major European markets. Fans can upload Jeep® photos that express their passion for the Jeep® world on a desktop or mobile landing page. All pictures feed a UGC wall for users to explore. As a reward for sharing their souvenir photo, there is digital goodie: a special personalized video, consisting in a shareable fast slideshow of emotional images that express the brand spiriti and end with the specific user’s photo.

Media: editorial