60 days in

An interactive digital experience created by xister to support the launch of “60 days in”, best season format of Crime+Investigation Channel.

Come and experience your 60 days in hell.
What do detainees and other people have in common?
Both have feelings and use their own body to express them.  

Tattoos are strong self-expression signs, telling what detainees face with everyday. And, this time, users had the real opportunity to experience it at first-hand.

Involving Nicolai Lilin - author of Educazione Siberiana and 60 Days In's testimonial - in the design of an original 60-days-in tattoo, xister developed a dedicated asset to welcome users in a virtual jail where they could "try" the tattoo on their skin. No pain but just a few clicks: size up, snap, share... and you’ll be a true criminal!

Media: social, advertised