OFF-ORDINARY: a storytelling project

xister creates OFF-ORDINARY: Ron Arad, Nathan Waterhouse, Massimo Banzi and Cecil Balmond star in a storytelling project for the new Jeep Compass pre-launch.

After the reveal in North America, in preparation for the launch in Europe of the new Jeep Compass, xister implements the “Off-Ordinary” project – a web format in 4 episodes, explaining the vision of 4 leading personalities in the fields of design, user experience, technology and architecture.

4 extraordinary public figures who have transformed their specialty domains - Ron Arad, Nathan Waterhouse, Massimo Banzi and Cecil Balmond explain how they managed to change some aspects of everyday life for a lot of people in the world.

Each personality is paired with one of the unmatched features of Jeep Compass – the extremely new design, which also remains faithful to classical style; the comfortable passenger compartment conceived to meet every driver’s needs and habits; the technology able to improve, streamline and make safer the interaction with the vehicle; the unique ability to offer a driving experience even under the most challenging conditions and roads.

The series is composed of four episodes, 90 seconds each, which will be broadcast monthly on all brand digital channels.

A talk about Design with Ron Arad
A talk about User Experience with Nathan Waterhouse
A talk about Technology with Massimo Banzi
A talk about Capabilities with Cecil Balmond

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