Stay fit and train with 4 emerging Italian Athletes.

4 young talents of the sports federations FIR, FIN, FIDAL and FIPAV join Uliveto to offer a program that includes easy exercises to do at home and useful tips for proper nutrition, to those who like to stay fit and live healthier everyday.

Uliveto 4U is a project aimed at all those who do not like intensive training, but still want to make a change in their habits and improve the quality of their daily lives. Uliveto 4U is a complete program of video exercises featuring Carlo Canna (FIR), Anna Bongiorni (FIDAL), Chiara De Bortoli (FIPAV) and Thomas Ceccon (FIN) available on a dedicated page of uliveto.it and on social networks via an editorial plan that explores the central theme of the concept.

The operation launched with a promo video in which the epic nature of athletic gestures merges with moments of everyday life to tell how much being in physical form is important to overcome without difficulty the small "challenges" of the every day.

GO TO THE WEBSITE: uliveto.it/uliveto4u

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