xister for the 2018 Nestlé FITNESS Promos

After motivating women last year with Mindful Eating, in 2018 xister inspires Nestlé Fitness consumers to keep going with two different online and offline promotions.

With the first one, in collaboration with Spotify, the brand invites women to Keep the beat by benefiting from the energy of their favorite music; the second promotion, Recharge & keep going, is about adventure, both the small everyday ones and the big, like the amazing grand prize trip. The project involved the creation of multiple marketing touchpoints, such as the pack design, point of sale materials, promotion ideation, website and digital content strategy definition, as well as the overarching creative concept. Like last year, xister also created the Pink Ribbon pack for 2018, a special version dedicated to breast cancer awareness and prevention.

Media: web, social, point of sales, advertised