For the most popular italian premium beer in the world, xister Reply launches Nastro Azzurro Live digital platform dedicated to emerging musicians in support of Italian talent.

A format, featuring live sessions, live streaming, DJ sets and artistic performances, that drives musicians, songwriters, DJs, bartenders, photographers and start-uppers, specialised in different fields and all keen to showcase their talent, to perform in Italian clubs.

This year, thanks to the collaboration with Bomba Dischi,  the well-known Italian record label, Nastro Azzurro Live will be spotlighting Italian indie talent focusing on 4 emerging musicians. Mèsa, Giorgio Poi, Francesco De Leo and Germanò have performed live at Forward Studios in Rome, and on the stages of the most popular clubs in Italy.

The activity was launched on the Nastro Azzurro social channels, shared on the social profiles of the music artists and of Bomba Dischi.

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