Pasta Garofalo Christmas campaign

How different are Christmas celebrations around Italy and how is it special in Naples?

For the Pasta Garofalo global Christmas campaign, xister Reply commissioned Casa Surace to create 4 viral videoclips in which the brand's main values are transmitted with the unique character and style of these five talented influencers.

The idea? A sort of “documentary” describing Neapolitan Christmas as a one-of-a kind event, different from any other.

The famous grandmother “nonna Rosetta”, is the central storyteller of the content focusing on the 4 key moments of the Christmas holidays:
- The preparation
- The Christmas Eve dinner
- The “Tombola” (Bingo) moment
- The New Year’s Eve

With over 6 million total video views, the campaign exalted the exceptional character of Neapolitan culture - which is part and parcel with Pasta Garofalo's brand identity - creating brand exposure and awareness in foreign countries and stimulating brand affection in Italy.

Media: web, social, enhanced, advertised