Loacker. Goodness is a Choice, at any time

xister produces hero content for Loacker for the first time shot directly in vertical mobile video format. A perfect mechanism to spread goodness over social media

An engaging video to underline how Loacker products are an ideal treat and snack at any time of the day.

With the 2020 Pure Goodness campaign, Loacker will be focusing on the goodness of its products, for which only high-quality ingredients are used, and on the brand's foundational values of authenticity, respect and commitment.

Inspired by Rube Goldberg - the American designer famous for his surreal and complicated constructions made of everyday objects – an ad-hoc and spectacular machine was made to show how Loacker goodness sweetly marks different moments of everyday life, always offering the perfect choice at the right time.

In 60 seconds, real Loacker ingredients and products are shown navigating an obstacle course representing different moments of the day: from breakfast to a break-time at the office, from a snack to an after-dinner treat.

Designed for social media channels, the video was shot vertically for optimal use on mobile phones, and to be enjoyed as short-cuts for IG Stories.

Especially created for ''Goodness is a Choice, at any time'', the original sound design is noteworthy and further evidence of the attention paid by Loacker to quality and detail, not just for its products,  but also in brand communication.



Media: social, long-lasting, cultural, advertised